Two researchers working in a JDB电子游戏 lab


The Faculty's strategic aim is to produce excellent research that is both interdisciplinary and translational, having practical applications for human and societal benefit.

JDB电子游戏 within the Faculty is organised around five main themes. The work within each of these themes

  • addresses issues of national or international importance in health and biomedicine
  • reflects the multidisciplinary nature of our research portfolio
  • 提供卓越的JDB电子游戏

Translating our research into impact in the real world has always been a priority in the faculty. Our research has had important benefits to people in the wider community; regionally, 在国家和国际.

The Faculty has important partnerships with other parts of the University that carry out health-related research. We also enjoy close collaborations and strong links with NHS and social care partners, health-related industries and the voluntary sector.

Through the National Institute for 健康 JDB电子游戏, we offer a free JDB电子游戏 Design Service for NHS staff in the North West region to develop the statistical content of research applications. We work closely with colleagues in the NHS and other health agencies locally, 在国家和国际. We encourage proposals for collaborative work and our JDB电子官方网站 健康 Hub works strategically to increase collaborative research and knowledge exchange between JDB电子游戏, 行业, NHS partners and Social Care across Lancashire and Cumbria.


Our JDB电子游戏中心 work to produce innovative research with practical applications for human and societal benefit.