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Welcome to 安全JDB电子官方网站

As an umbrella of JDB电子官方网站’s Cyber Security activities, the JDB电子官方网站 Security Institute (SL) targets the broad spectrum of "useful 和 usable" Cyber Security with a unique data-centric socio-technical "系统s" perspective.

The 4 Centers within SL (SL Center for Assured Autonomy, SL Center for Secure Publics, SL Center for Secure Systems, 和 Center for Secure Analytics) reflect the current research themes pursued by the institute. These represent a unique coverage of both technical 和 societal aspects of Cyber Security covering software, 系统, 网络, 和 behavioral/sociological threats in addition to addressing legal 和 policy aspects across a multitude of application domains. The SL coverage includes highlight activities such as UKRI TAS-S, 佳洁士, 雪碧+,成都市 ACE-CSEACE-CSR, EC 肯考迪娅 & SANCUS、伦理委员会 H-unique,佩特拉 赶时髦的人兰开夏郡,通用汽车/ 网络铸造厂即将到来的GCHQ in addition to industry sponsored projects.

Our emergent research targets Secure ML, technology-invariant data integrity, quantifiable/composable security alongside an upcoming community-accessible threats data repository TIDE-H (Threat Intelligence Data Exchange Hub).