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Applications for 2022 entry


Do you need to 创建一个帐户?

你必须 创建一个帐户 在申请之前. 一旦您的帐户凭证得到验证,您就可以启动您的应用程序了.

如果你已经是JDB电子官方网站的学生,你不需要创建一个帐户,你可以 log in 通过你的JDB电子游戏的用户名和密码登陆JDB电子游戏生申请门户.

Have you started an application?

You can log inJDB电子游戏生申请门户网站继续申请.

When you have submitted your application

When you have completed and submitted your application form, we will ask you to upload some documents. You will find the list in the 支持文档 section on the postgraduate application portal. 重要的是,您必须尽快上传所需的文件列出. If we need anything further, we will email you.


Please read through our list of things to consider 在你申请. We also have some useful information about the next steps  在你应用.

Please 检查你的电子邮件 定期. This is how we will communicate with you.


Applications for 2023 entry

Applications for entry in 2023 will open in September 2022.

If you are interested in starting your studies in 2023, 请填写JDB电子游戏的网页表格,JDB电子游戏将在2023年申请门户开放后立即通知您.

e.g. 26/09/2002

We'd like to know this so we can ensure the information
we send you is relevant.

你必须 first select your intended level of study

大学将保留和使用你提供的信息与JDB电子游戏的 隐私政策. JDB电子游戏将通过电子邮件向您发送营销沟通,以帮助您对您在兰卡斯特大学的未来做出明智的决定. 


What do you need to know before you start your application? What documents will you need to show us?


Coronavirus (Covid-19) information

如果您对Covid-19大流行如何影响您的大学申请或未来在JDB电子官方网站的学习有任何疑问, 您可以在JDB电子游戏的申请人冠状病毒信息页面上找到最新信息.

Contact the admissions team

如果你需要JDB电子游戏,可以给JDB电子游戏的招生办公室发邮件 or telephone us on +44 (0)1524 592032.