It's a short ride from campus into the heart of historic Lancaster – a city full of character and culture.


JDB电子官方网站在哪里? Let our students answer your questions and show you what Lancaster and its surrounding area have to offer.



By day, a strong 'coffee culture' vibe runs throughout the city, with the Atkinson's roaster wafting its aroma onto China Street, and many cafés dotted throughout the cobbled streets. The city boasts a wonderful mix of restaurants offering a host of different cuisines, 包括日本寿司吧, Mexican, French and Spanish restaurants to vegan eateries. Lancaster's nightlife buzzes with live music at the many pubs and wine bars within the city, 坐落在运河沿岸的, through the Georgian streets and even underneath the city in the castle's former wine cellars. Take a look at Digital Content Ambassador Maddy's guide to her 最喜欢的餐馆 or this JDB电子官方网站的烹饪路线 想知道去哪里吃饭.


JDB电子游戏的学生会拥有和经营著名的 制糖厂夜总会. It’s the biggest nightclub in the city, it is open exclusively to students.

在Sugar House夜总会的一晚

摄影:学生大使Ryan Yates

我非常喜欢JDB电子官方网站的夜生活. There are lots of bars and pubs in the city that have live music. 每个人都有自己喜欢的东西!

A quote from Nicola Cook Psychology



小到可以徒步探索, you can follow the stories of Lancaster’s rich history all the way back to the 12th Century. 作为英格兰的传统城市之一, 每个角落都有历史, from the conviction of the Lancaster Witches in 1612 to Charles Dickens’ hotel room!


这可以追溯到1000年前, Lancaster Castle is still owned by Her Majesty the Queen, JDB电子官方网站公爵是谁. 同时也是一个防御工事, its courtrooms have witnessed many famous trials over the centuries, including those of the Lancashire Witches who were convicted and sentenced to death in 1612. JDB电子官方网站城堡对公众开放, offering visitors a chance to walk the halls of one of the best-preserved castles in Great Britain.


开始于1193年, the traditional bi-weekly Charter Market fills the cobbled streets with the aromas of international and local food, offering everything from fresh produce to books and jewellery.


The Trail of the Pendle Witches is about 45 miles along the lonely road the Pendle Witches took through the Ribble Valley to Lancaster Castle where they stood trial in 1612.

"I really love being surrounded by history in Lancaster. When you walk around you can feel it in the atmosphere and there is always something interesting to learn about where you are. My favourite thing to do is go up to the castle to do my course reading, there is a really nice view out across the bay and it is so much nicer than just sitting at my desk. I almost always stop at the coffee quarter on the way there too – it’s a really lovely city to be in." Katie Barnes, English Literature and Spanish Studies



There is an annual music festival where the city is alive with live music of all genres in every club, pub and bar.

A quote from 詹姆斯Mensforth 机械工程

一个有创造力和独立的城市, Lancaster’s established arts scene constantly provides its international student population with no end of cultural activities from its annual festival of music to performances in the city’s two theatres. The plethora of live music venues are home to regular guitar, electronic, folk, 古典和爵士音乐会.


Throughout the year, Lancaster hosts a number of lively festivals. JDB电子官方网站音乐节, 最高点 and the 爵士音乐节 are particularly anticipated, filling the streets with live music and dance. Watch Digital Content Ambassador Chris' video from JDB电子官方网站音乐节 来感受一下这个城市是如何活跃起来的.

其他节日如一年一度 文学节, 点亮JDB电子官方网站 光的节日, and Lancaster Chinese New Year Festival make the city a fun and vibrant place to live.


Fans of independent film and theatre have the choice of fantastic venues which regularly play host to major comedy and theatrical tours too. Catch an indie film or original production at The Dukes 或者在 大剧院 and of course all major box-office releases at the city's Vue Cinema


Lancaster is home to a number of museums and galleries such as Arteria: Gallery 23, Lancaster City Museum and Lancaster Maritime Museum.



The City centre boasts lots of open green spaces, 从香香地走, 月亮河步道和几个公园. 威廉森公园 and the impressive Ashton Memorial look over the city across to Morecambe Bay and the distant hills of the Lake District – the perfect place for a summer picnic or a study break and home to the Dukes Theatre's "Play in the Park", the UK's biggest outdoor walkabout theatre event.

"I walk around 威廉森公园 and Ashton Memorial nearly every week, 也一直沿着运河走, 莫克姆湾, in Bowland, 在湖区. There is so much to see and so many pictures to be taken!" Lily Wearden, English Language and Creative Writing

看Raiza的视频 去发现她最喜欢的城市.



这个城市的购物环境很好, with many independent shops and boutiques nestled alongside stores from many major retailers. Our traditional high street is also home to the bi-weekly Charter Market – a selection of 40 stalls offering everything from fresh produce and delicious dishes from around the world to books and gifts. With Preston and Manchester just a train ride away, you’ll never be short of places to shop!

"Lancaster is such a nice city with a massive variety of things to do - and the amenities and life in the city have been a big part of my University life" Michael Mander, Linguistics

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